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Meet Rachele


Certified Female Fitness Expert 
and Nutrition Coach

Having been a dancer since my teens, I always thought it would be my lifelong career. However, in 2016, I came across an audition to become a Cycle instructor. My love for movement naturally attracted me to the role, and something inside me told me to go for it!

I was really surprised at how much I fell in love with indoor cycle. It gave me such a high to support people on their fitness journey. My career quickly took off, so I started to invest time and energy into growing the community I was creating through teaching various classes.

My dedication and passion was recognised and lead me to become a Lululemon ambassador in 2018. As part of the program I was invited to their ambassador camp, which left me feeling so inspired to create a similar experience for my own community. The chance to get out of your daily bubble, really tune into yourself in a positive space, and connect with like minded people you'd otherwise never meet. It also challenged me to take my own expertise to the next level.

In 2019, I went on to host my first fitness retreat in Bordeaux, France and I absolutely loved it. Everyone left feeling restored and positive, having made valuable new friendships. it was also a real personal achievement, pushing myself to grow, fight the nerves, and believe in what I was creating.

Today, I am still on a journey to develop my retreats and my own classes in the fitness space, to offer my experience and knowledge to as many people as possible. I'm a qualified personal trainer and certified nutrition coach, offering group exercise classes in and around London, as well as personalised programs for individuals who want to reach specific goals. Building a community and creating a space for people to escape and feel good is important to me, so I hope everyone can find an opportunity to move with me.

As a Nike ambassador, I am very grateful to be a part of an innovative team, helping to make fitness accessible for all.

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My Mission

To give Women the power to take control of their fitness and training through any hormonal phase.

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