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Rachele Louise

Women's fitness specialist

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Hi, I’m Rachele

Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Coach

​A qualified personal trainer, specialising in women's fitness, and certified nutrition coach, offering inclusive group exercise and 1-2-1 sessions for all abilities.

Building a community and creating a space for people to escape and feel good is important to me, and I want everyone to have the opportunity to find that 'feel good' through movement.

As a Nike ambassador, I am very proud to be part of an innovative team, helping to make a positive change to fitness.

My mission is to empower people to feel good through movement.

personalised coaching for females

I offer personalised coaching for females through out all hormonal stages. We will work together to adapt your training to your hormonal status, and produce a program which works with your physiology to reach your fitness goals, because when your hormones change, so does your training!

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